Welcome to the NFJG Foundation Website. Ready for some tournament golf? If so, registration for the 2015-2016 NFJG TOUR season is now available. Our next event will be the "Open at the Hills" at Hidden Hills Country Club on Sunday, November 29th.  Come join us! All Guests are encouraged to register with us to receive the latest news from NFJG. Join us and become a Member of a great golfing family!

Welcome to the
North Florida Junior Golf Foundation Website

Endorsed by PGA Professionals of the
 Northern Chapter, North Florida Section of the PGA

The North Florida Junior Golf Foundation is the area's only not-for-profit organization committed to providing opportunities to junior golfers (Boys and Girls) interested in gaining tournament experience and/or to compete for the love of the game. Based in Jacksonville, the NFJG Foundation runs the area's premier Junior Golf Tour and is the only junior tour sponsored by the PGA Tour,  Web.com, The Tom Burnett Golf Academy and the Northern Chapter PGA .
The NFJG has several tours designed to fit junior players' specific game level:

Web.Com Player's Tour
Elite Tour, Rising Tour
Foundation Tour
Tee It Up

                                           Photos by Beata Jancsik                                             


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